The Service We Provide You

  • We want you to feel that you are being heard in a space that is safe and secure.  The Line is confidential, anonymous and, most importantly, a listening service.

  • By knowing that you are totally anonymous, you can feel more safe and protected regarding what you choose to talk about, with no pressure from anyone else.

  • If you ask us, we can also give you any relevant information about police and/or any legal processes you may need to know about, but only if you ask.

  • At all times you remain in charge of the conversation and where it goes.

  • We are here Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7.00pm – 10.00pm, at times when you may feel particularly upset.  The need for help can be triggered suddenly.

A ‘trigger’ is when something can suddenly make us recall a past sensation or event.  It might be an object or a smell or a vague feeling.  Triggers may come at different times, and for different reasons, and can be very, very powerful.

Being listened to at such times can prove very helpful, and we are happy to provide you with ongoing support.

  • Because we are a FREE PHONE SERVICE this allows you the time and space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

  • So that you feel able to speak without fear of repercussions, our phone number does not show up on any landline phone records, although it may appear on mobile phones.

  • We do our best to offer a reliable and consistent service, and would always ask you to phone again, if you are unable to get through to us the first time.




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