Volunteers Are Always Welcome and Needed

Can you spare two evenings a month, to join a committed and supportive group of Phone-Line Volunteers from all ages and walks of life?

Rape and Sexual Abuse can have terrible consequences for those who suffer them, the effects often lasting for years.   People can feel terrified, isolated, ashamed, guilt-ridden and angry.  Very often the answer to begin to address such issues, is seeking the opportunity to speak to another human being you feel you might be able to trust.

When a Caller picks up the phone to dial the Rape and Sexual Abuse Line, they will, probably, be placing an enormous amount of trust in the person answering their call.  How they are responded to; with what respect they are treated and how much the Volunteer can convey they are believed, are all crucial factors.  This is not just in terms of being able to share such painful experiences, possibly for the first time since they took place, but in terms of feeling that they are valuable human beings worth caring about.

Your role as a Volunteer could be genuinely “life-changing” for some people.  In return for your time, energy, compassion and faith in people, we will work to ensure that you feel you:

  • Help to make a difference
  • Are fully-trained
  • Receive on-going support
  • Benefit from monthly Supervision
  • Feel an integral part of this Exeter-based charity providing the service for the whole of Devon

Training for Volunteers

Training for new volunteers takes place regularly throughout the year.   For those who may be interested in working in listening or counselling services, the training and experience of working on the Line can be very valuable.   The sessions cover:

  • The Facts, Myths and Misconceptions about Sexual Abuse
  • Developing Listening Skills
  • Aspects of Mindfulness
  • Looking after Ourselves


Contact sal@sal-devon.co.uk or

Phone 01392 254575 for further information

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